Claybook Available Now On Nintendo Switch

Developer Second Order has announced that the whimsical clay-manipulating physics-based puzzle adventure Claybook is available now on Nintendo Switch digitally via the Nintendo eShop for $14.99.

Players can carve, shape, and balance their way through challenging puzzles and create and share mind-boggling moldable landscapes online across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

About Claybook

A universe of wonder awaits the minds of those curious enough to delve into the pages of the Claybook – a stage for all manner of clay creations brought to life by an imaginative child (the player’s in-game alter ego). Balance over tricky obstacles and pathways, take control of the surrounding objects, carve out paths, or add more clay to shape the landscape in the many wonderful chapters available to explore. Custom “Clayfield” technology creates true-to-life volumetric clay visuals and physics, giving the fantastically themed settings in the fully dynamic and transformable environment a sense of reality.

Claybook invites players to stretch their creative muscles and form their own pliable playgrounds for sharing with others across multiple platforms! The Claybook editor gives players all the tools they need to bring their clayscape directly from their imagination to the screen! Players can choose from over 50 available in-game shapes and give their custom clay stages some oomph with gameplay mechanics that spawn possessable shapes and new objectives. The world can be filled with solid clay or fluid-filled obstacles while cause-and-effect triggers amp up the challenge in their limitless claygrounds. Whether players choose to mold puzzles that will stump even the most skilled puzzle masters, or simply want to let their imagination run wild in sandbox mode, the possibilities are endless!

Key Features

  • It’s all Made of Clay:
    Every object in on the Claybook playing field looks, feels, acts, reacts, and changes exactly like clay — from structures to gooey clay blobs, to the ground itself.
  • Stuck? Rewind and Try Again:
    With the rewind function, getting stuck doesn’t mean the end of the road: instead, a host of solutions open up to players as they find new and innovative ways to complete their objectives.
  • Share Your Imagination With The World:
    Let your creativity flow in Sandbox Mode as you utilize the fully customizable in-game assets and physics effects. Take snapshots and share your levels with the player community across multiple platforms.
  • Aim for the Top:
    Test your puzzle-solving skills against the community as you strive for the top of the leaderboards, for each chapter and each book, making multiple playthroughs a must.

Check out the Claybook Switch Launch Trailer:


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