Pine Coming To Nintendo Switch In August 2019

Kongregate and Twirlbound today announced that the open-world action-adventure simulation game Pine is coming to Nintendo Switch in August 2019.

About the game

Pine is an open-world action adventure simulation game. Take on the role of Hue, a brave young adult who belongs to the last remaining tribe of humans on the island of Albamare. Find your way through an ever-changing world in which all creatures have lives, goals and quests of their own. Albamare’s factions trade and fight with each other over food and territory, while Hue learns about ways to influence the ecology, in search for a new home for the humans.


  • A stirring open-world with beautiful biomes to explore, puzzles to solve, and secrets to discover
  • A continuous ecology in which everyone struggles for survival, even when you’re not involved
  • An engaging combat system that learns from your every move
  • An exciting range of tools and contraptions to help you explore, fight and trade your way to a new home

Check out the Pine Announcement Trailer:


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