Grave Keeper Heading To Nintendo Switch In Q2 2019

Ultimate Games and Baldur Games today announced that the action-adventure Grave Keeper is heading to Nintendo Switch in Q2 2019.

About the game

Grave Keeper takes place in the Forbidden Stronghold – a dangerous place but full of wealth and unique treasures. The player assumes the role of a bounty hunter, who faces hordes of enemies and the undefeated Skeleton King.

Baldur Games has created diverse locations and missions, including daily tasks. The Bestiary offers a total of 14 types of enemies (including demons, skeletons and zombies), 9 bosses and the Skeleton King. Grave Keeper also has 8 different locations. In total there are over 110 different items to collect – including swords, axes, crossbows and armor.

Players will find in Grave Keeper three game modes. In addition to the standard mode, versus and royal fight modes have also been added. They are, accordingly, for fighting against other bounty hunters and hordes of enemies.

Key Features

  • Dynamic gameplay
  • 3 game modes
  • 14 types of enemies
  • 9 bosses
  • Undefeated Skeleton King
  • Diverse missions
  • Daily tasks
  • Over 110 different items (including swords, axes, crossbows and armor)
  • System of improving items and acquiring new skills

Check out the Grave Keeper Gameplay Trailer:




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