Free-To-Play Puzzle RPG Gems of War Out Now On Nintendo Switch

505 Games and Infinity Plus 2 have announced that the puzzle RPG Gems of War is now available as a free download on the Nintendo Switch.

About the game

Gems of War is a unique genre mashup fusing puzzle gaming with RPG and strategy elements, offering an unparalleled battle system in which players match gems on a puzzle board to power spells and match skulls to smite their enemies.

Gems of War will debut with a wealth of content for players to unlock and explore as they journey through the realms of Krystara and the Underworld, embarking on quests, conquering kingdoms, and building alliances. Each week will bring new troops and events for players to enjoy, with even more content planned for future updates.


  • Play it Your Way:
    Seamlessly transition between docked play with Joy-Con™ controllers or handheld mode utilizing the Nintendo Switch touch screen for gamers on-the-go
  • Build Your Team of Heroes:
    Enjoy a wealth of free content, with 600+ troops to collect, 600+ Quests and storylines to discover and 250+ Weapons and spells to add to your collection
  • Take on Endless Challenges:
    Choose from a wide variety of immersive game modes including PvP, minigames, Guild Wars, Live Events and multiple Quests per Kingdom
  • Play With Friends:
    Team up with others in guilds and join forces in Guild Wars
  • Conquer New Realms:
    Explore the Krystara and Underworld maps with over 30+ Kingdoms and Factions

Check out the Gems of War Nintendo Switch Gameplay:


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