Arcade Multiplayer Mayhem Spitlings Coming To Nintendo Switch Later This Year

HandyGames today announced that the arcade multiplayer mayhem Spitlings is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

About the game

Spitlingss is a cute but hardcore arcade game that’s made for playing locally with friends. With over one hundred levels to start with, an easy-to-learn level editor will make sure you never run out of challenges. Keep playing to unlock new music tracks, new characters to play with and new visual themes for certain levels, and by using the level editor players can build a level together and play it right afterwards. Just prepare for a lot of shouting: if one player fails, everyone has to restart the level.


  • Classic hardcore gameplay meets modern design sensibility
  • Action packed, highly engaging, scream-at-your-friends multiplayer fun
  • If one fails, all restart: It’s co-op with all the outrage of versus on top
  • Play a 100+ level Story Mode with cutscene animations
  • Beat the clock to unlock 30+ themes and characters
  • Edit game options and parameters to suit your playstyle in Arcade Mode
  • Play by your lonesome or with up to 4 friends in Co-Op multiplayer
  • Tap into your creativity with the local level editor which you can even use in a 4-player Co-Op experience.

Check out the Spitlings Teaser Trailer:

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