For The King Launches On Nintendo Switch On May 9

Curve Digital and Ironoak Games announced today that the rogue-like RPG For The King will launch on Nintendo Switch on May 9, 2019 with a 20% launch discount.

About the game

For The King is a strategic RPG that blends tabletop and roguelike elements in a challenging adventure that spans the realms. Incredibly replayable, venture forth into the lands of Fahrul and discover that every playthrough is unique with procedural maps, quests, and events. Just remember adventurer, you do this not for riches or fame but for your village, for your realm, For The King!

The King is dead, murdered by an unknown assailant. Now the once peaceful kingdom of Fahrul is in chaos. With nowhere left to turn and stretched beyond her means, the queen has put out a desperate plea to the citizens of the land to rise up and stem the tide of impending doom. Will you put an end to the Chaos?

For The King’s most replayable aspect comes in the form of Lore. Lore is generated through battles, story content, quests and more and is a currency that is carried through each of your playthroughs, giving the player a real sense of player progression. Lore is used to purchase new Characters, Customization Options, Locations, Encounters and Items to continue to vary and enhance your gameplay as you continue to save Fahrul!


  • Procedurally Generated Maps
    Explore a procedurally generated world, from maps to quests to events, where every adventure is made unique!
  • Single player and Multiplayer Game Modes
    Explore the lands of Fahrul alone, or with friends in local co-op or online multiplayer. Stick together for protection, or split the party to cover more ground!
  • Turn-based Combat System
    Fight and die as a party in fast paced and brutal turn-based combat using a unique slot system for attacks and special abilities.
  • Includes all free updates:
    The Dungeon Crawl, Frozen Expanse, Hildebrandt’s Cellar, Gold Rush and Into The Deep adventures.

Check out the For The King Release Date Trailer:

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