Bullet Hell Shooter Witch Thief Arrives On Nintendo Switch On April 19

Cardboard Keep today announced that the story-driven 3D bullet hell shooter Witch Thief arrives on the Nintendo Switch on April 19, 2019. It will be available via the Nintendo eShop priced at $19.99 / €12.99 / £11.99.

About the game

On a quest to steal an enchanted grimoire, a snarky sorceress embarks on a dangerous journey through five distinctive, perilous zones, surviving arena-based ambushes by possessed dolls and arcane bosses. Naturally the tome’s guardians won’t give it up without a fight, so our heroine must do what she does best: that is, sneaking in the front door and stealing it from under their noses.

Players can unlock three more playable and equally feisty witch heroines with different powers, each with a personal story told through unique dialogue, entwined inextricably with the Witch Thief’s own tale.

Each witch has her own reason for seeking the ancient grimoire, and players will experience journeys of redemption, betrayal, bravery, wisdom, corruption and possession in their hunt for the charmed tome – and the mysterious doll maker…


  • Flexible difficulty – from standard limited-life modes with ramped challenges to an innovative “Chill Mode”, where losing a life merely resets to weapon defaults.
  • Unique bullet-hell perspective – play in classic 2D Shmup perspective or over the shoulder 3D. Adjust the player camera’s vertical angle on the fly to best deal with the patterns of attack, and use focus control to concentrate both projectile spread and visual perspective.
  • Unravel a world of mystery – learn different perspectives on the same story as four different playable witches, each with their own unique abilities.
  • Explore five distinctive zones – from spooky forest glades to magnificent cathedral vaults, each with multiple boss battles and ambush arenas.
  • Battle a cast of memorable and relentless bosses in epic showdowns – from the castle’s guardian angel to the chuckling bishop!
  • Endless Dungeon Mode – explore and overcome the endless dungeon where the walls move and every play-through is different.

Check out the Witch Thief Trailer:


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