Redout Coming To Nintendo Switch On May 14

34BigThings has announced that Redout will release on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop on May 14, 2019.

The Nintendo Switch version of Redout will include all previously released DLC packs. There will be 60 tracks over 12 environments, 28 different vehicles, 11 event types, more than 100 events in single-player career mode, hundreds of liveries to customize the vehicles, and more.

About the game

Redout is a freakishly fast and uncompromising anti-gravity racing game, designed to be as challenging and satisfying as the best games in the vertigo-soaked futuristic arcade racing genre.

Beach turn, slope and twist applies a unique force to your vehicle, and players can drift and pitch the ship to minimize friction, channeling those forces into even greater forward velocity.

The courses combine the efficiency of low-polygon structure with the eye candy of state-of-the-art shading, lighting and special-effects animation.

The result? Breezy coastlines, eerie frozen landscapes and vast desert plains, all peppered with the flying sparks, electrical arcs and blazing exhaust of Redout racing intensity.

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