Atelier Ryza Announced For Switch & PS4

Gust has announced Atelier Ryza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness and the Secret Hideout for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It is scheduled to release in Japan in Fall 2019. A western release has not been announced yet.

Atelier Ryza will feature a coming of age story where the world is constructed through a new method of expression. The scenario is written by Gust and Shakugan no Shana manga creator Yashichiro Takahashi. The characters are designed by Toridamono.

Protagonist of the game is Ryzalin Staud (voiced by Yuri Noguchi), a normal girl who feels uneasy in her tranquil everyday life. As she is seeking excitement, she’s always on the lookout for something interesting with her friends. Ryzalin is a freewheeling girl with a strong sense of justice. It’s not easy to toll her otherwise when she thinks she is right. The game tells the story of her finding something she never thought was so dear to herself after discovering alchemy and meeting a certain person.

Atelier Ryza introduces three new characters which are yet to be announced: a male soldier, a female priest, and a child scholar.

To create a even deeper experience of daily life and adventuring compared to previous Atelier titles, the fields will be made more realistically, such as the height of the sky, flower thickets, and such, that players get a greater sense of the land.

The game introduces an all-new turn-based command system which will be more tense and aggressive than before. There will also be a new system in which players get a sense of their bonds with the other characters.

Synthesis will utilize a new system in which creation will be the keyword. Compared to previous Atelier titles, it will be easier to understand and more responsive by using a skill-tree-like tree system.

While gathering, items will change depending on the tool is used, even at the same gathering points.

Check out the Gust New Project Teaser Trailer:


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