Battle Planet: Judgment Day Announced For Switch and PS4

Wild River, the gaming label of EuroVideo Medien, today announced that their new rogue-lite, top-down arcade shooter Battle Planet: Judgment Day is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Q3 2019. It will be available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

About the game

As a wanted criminal who has escaped from a crashed transport ship, players must fight their way through approaching clusters of police, military, aliens and robots in an endless orgy of explosions, fire and brute force. Players must navigate a boundless battlefield in top-down perspective – which is the surface of entire planets which rotate according to the players’ movements. This results in fast-paced gameplay which makes Battle Planet: Judgment Day a thrilling action adventure that challenges players in a unique way.

The ultimate goal is survival. Once a planet is done, players use a transport capsule to travel to the next star and discover an entire galaxy of procedurally generated worlds each with dynamically shifting biospheres. On their journey, they acquire new upgrades which gradually make them stronger.

Through the procedurally generated worlds in Battle Planet: Judgment Day, the changing planets, enemies and weapons are always different so a gaming session is never the same as the last.


  • Gripping rogue-like action
  • Endless planets to discover
  • Gigantic boss fights
  • Tons of weapons and upgrades

Check out the Battle Planet: Judgment Day Screenshots:

Check out the Battle Planet: Judgment Day Announcement Trailer:


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