Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 Coming To Nintendo Switch

Capcom announced during today’s Nintendo Direct that Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 are coming to Nintendo in Fall 2019.

About Resident Evil 5

While the Umbrella Corporation and its crop of lethal viruses have been destroyed and contained, a more dangerous threat has emerged. Somewhere in Africa, innocent villagers are transforming into aggressive and disturbing creatures. Featuring online and couch coop, players can experience this Resident Evil classic as either Chris Redfield or his partner Sheva Alomar, as the duo works together to investigate and stop those responsible for the viral outbreak.


  • Play Anywhere: Play Resident Evil 5 on the go using the Nintendo Switch system’s handheld or at home in tabletop mode.
  • All Previously Released DLC: Includes costumes, game modes, figurines and bonus story scenarios “Lost in Nightmares” and “Desperate Escape.”
  • Two Playable Characters: Chris Redfield, protagonist of the original Resident Evil, partners with African BSAA agent Sheva Alomar to investigate the cause behind the bioterrorism epidemic.
  • Two Player Local or Online Co-op: Cooperatively-focused gameplay that revolutionized the way that Resident Evil is played. Chris and Sheva must work together to survive various challenges and fight dangerous hordes of enemies.
  • Score High in Mercenaries: In “The Mercenaries United” mode, take on waves of iconic enemies and bosses in a limited time period to achieve a high score. This mode features 8 playable characters like Albert Wesker and Jill Valentine, each with different costumes and loadouts to choose from.
  • Fear Light as Much as Shadow: Lighting effects provide an intense level of suspense as players attempt to survive in both harsh sunlight and extreme darkness.

Check out the Resident Evil 5 Switch Screenshots:

About Resident Evil 6

Blending action and survival horror, Resident Evil 6 delivers an epic dramatic horror experience. Resident Evil favorites Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Ada Wong are joined by new characters, including Jake Muller, to face a new horror, the highly virulent C-virus, as the narrative moves between North America, the war-torn Eastern European state of Edonia and the Chinese city of Lanshiang.


  • Play Anywhere: Play Resident Evil 6 on the go using the Nintendo Switch system’s handheld or at home in tabletop mode.
  • Horror on a global scale: No longer confined to a specific location, the outbreak of the C-virus is worldwide with the action taking place in North America, Eastern Europe and China
  • 8 Playable Characters, 4 Unique Campaigns: Play through 4 intertwined campaigns starring Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Jake Muller, Ada Wong and their partners.
  • 2 Player Local and Online Co-op: Experience the stories locally or online with a friend.
  • Crossover Campaigns: At significant points when the narrative draws pairs of characters together, the new Crossover mechanic allows up to four players to experience the horror together online.
  • Agent Hunt Mode: In this new online mode for the Resident Evil series, experience the action from the other side as you take control of enemy forces.
  • All Previously Released DLC: Includes all map packs, special costumes, plus the ‘Onslaught’, ‘Predator’ and ‘Survivors’ multiplayer game modes.

Check out the Resident Evil 6 Switch Screenshots:

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