Hamsterdam PS Vita Release Uncertain Due To Ceasing Support From Sony and Unity

It looks like that Hamsterdam won’t be coming to PS Vita anymore due to ceasing platform support from Sony and Unity.

Earlier this week, Muse Games has announced that the hamster kung-fu beat’em up will release on Nintendo Switch and other platforms on August 1, 2019. While Hamsterdam was also meant to be coming to PS Vita, the developer was quiet on a PS Vita release date.

On Twitter, Muse Games now revealed that the PS Vita release of Hamsterdam is uncertain due to ceasing support from Sony and Unity. Although the developer will try to still bring the game to PS Vita after the initial release on the other platforms, they can’t promise anything at this moment.

Here is the full statement from Muse Games:

Is Hamsterdam still coming to PS Vita?

With Sony and Unity both ceasing support for the PS Vita since we launched the Kickstarter, it has put us in a real bind over how we can continue with Vita development, and this lack of support has created an array of issues for us, not least from a development standpoint.

Because of this uncertainty, we decided to not list the PS Vita as a release platform when we announced the release dates for the other platforms in order to try to be safe and responsible.

However, we did not do a good job communicating specifically to the backers, or players who backed us because they wanted a Vita version, about the latest situation with the Vita development and release plans, and for that we want to apologize.

As a studio and gamers ourselves, the PS Vita has a special place in our hearts. As devs though, the discontinuation from Sony’s side brings worries and concerns such as online store functionalities being stopped and no longer supported. With our ability to support and update the game being uncertain at best, we’re currently not confident that the final Vita experience would be one we could be proud of.

Therefore, we are making the difficult decision to not include the PS Vita at launch on August 1st, and instead focus on all the other platforms which we do still have control over.

What platforms is Hamsterdam releasing on?

We will be initially releasing Hamsterdam on the Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, and iOS. While we understand that this is disappointing to those of you that wanted to experience Hamsterdam on PS Vita, we are confident that you’ll still be able to enjoy the game on all other platforms as it was meant to be played, and we’ll update you with information about the PS Vita version as things become clearer.

Is there hope for a PS Vita version?

After the main release on August 1st, we still hold out hope that we can work with both Sony and Unity to find a way to get there on PS Vita too, but that may be wishful thinking on our part, and so we do not want to make any promises we cannot keep.

Via: Twitter

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