Tetsumo Party Coming To Nintendo Switch On July 26

Monster Couch today announced that the couch co-op party game Tetsumo Party is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019.

About the game

Tetsumo Party is a 1-4 player couch co-op party game inspired by Japanese TV shows. Control each limb of the sumo wrestler independently while trying to fit into the weird shapes cut into a bamboo wall. You have only a few seconds to stand on your left leg, raise your right hand and… no, I mean raise both hands and make a twi… OUCH.

Maybe next time! We can’t promise it will be easier though. Because it won’t. Your attention will be distracted by NPCs and grabbing power-ups, such as waiters bringing you food and drinks.

Fight against the CPU or play with 2-8 players in a crazy co-op battle, unlock new characters (did I just hear someone screaming “Ninja!”?) and venues, all while becoming the ultimate Tetsumo Party expert. Because life is all about fitting into this damn bamboo wall, isn’t it?


  • 1-8 players local multiplayer: Easy to play for everyone, hard to master.
  • Play with friends or alone: Modes to choose from: single player campaign, co-op, versus.
  • Simple control: Control each limb separately using 4 different buttons, fit in the bamboo wall.
  • More than meets the eye: Face little distractions, such as a waiter bringing you food and refreshments.
  • Play with friends or solo: Modes to choose from: single player, co-op, versus.
  • Supported languages: English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, Russian, Chinese – Simplified.

Check out the Tetsumo Party Trailer:


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