Unofficial Nintendo Direct Brazil Announced, Airs Tomorrow At 8:00 pm Brasilia Time

Content creators, fans and game development studios from Brazil have announced an unoffical Nintendo Direct Brazil which airs tomorrow, July 16, at 8:00 pm Brasilia time (7:00 pm EST / 4:00 pm PST / 1:00 am CEST July 17).

The 20-minute presentation will feature more than 25 national games available for Nintendo Switch, and promises some surprises not yet officially announced. Subtitles will be available in Portuguese, English, Spanish and 6 other languages.

The objective of the movement is to publicize the strength of the national industry by highlighting the excellent Brazilian games available on the platform and to demonstrate the number of Brazilian fans interested in more content translated into Portuguese, including games and possible official presentations focused on the Brazilian public one day.

The “Nintendo Direct Brasil Independent” will be accompanied by YouTubers making reaction videos, news blogs covering the event as well as participation of the fans using the hashtag #NindiesBR to share their memories with national games and #QueremosNintendo to send their messages to Nintendo.

The event can be watched live on the official website:

Featured studios on Nintendo Direct Brasil Independent :

  • Pocket Trap
  • Chucklefish
  • Bombservice
  • Miniboss / Matt Makes Games
  • Cat Nigiri
  • Joymasher
  • Behemut
  • Cellar Door Games
  • Bitten Toast
  • Ludic Studio
  • Long Hat House
  • Midipixel
  • Behold Studios
  • Aquiris Game Studio
  • Bit Kid
  • Mad Mimic
  • QUByte Interactive
  • and more

Production and presentation:

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