Bakery Simulator Heading To Nintendo Switch In 2020

Ultimate Games, Gaming Factory and Live Motion Games announced today that Bakery Simulator is heading to Nintendo Switch in 2020.

About the game

The new simulator will concentrate on the single-player gameplay and offer a realistic and specific approach to working in the bakery industry. The main elements of Bakery Simulator are working in the bakery and the timely delivery of bread to customers. According to the creators, the player will receive a lot of freedom in managing and developing his bakery.

The action of the simulator will take place in a city with tens of thousands of residents situated in a mountain region and several nearby locations. Starting the bakery business, the player will be able to, among other things, select an appropriate location for the bakery and plan the use of space.

Live Motion Games studio intends to offer many different options. As a result, the players will have a lot of freedom in action. Available activities include, for example, learning new recipes, buying specialist machines and improving the production process. An important role will also be played by logistics related to the delivery of bread to customers. There will also be special and at the same time more profitable orders as well as the possibility of conducting one’s own baking experiments.

Key Features

  • Realistic gameplay
  • Several dozen types of bread and ingredients
  • Many opportunities to develop bakery
  • Learning new recipes
  • Specialized machinery
  • Baking experiments
  • Attractive graphic design

Check out the Bakery Simulator Trailer:


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