Gunpowder on the Teeth: Arcade Coming To Nintendo Switch On July 25

Forever Entertainment today announced that Gunpowder on the Teeth: Arcade is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 25, 2019. Pre-orders are available starting today on the Nintendo eShop.

About the game

Gunpowder on the Teeth: Arcade is a platformer game with simple, intuitive controls, pixel-art retro graphics, and utterly egregious difficulty, ever-increasing as you progress through the game.

Command a group of soldiers equipped with diverse weapons to attack the superior numbers of enemies, with the assistance of armored vehicles and air forces.

There are 15 missions on 5 locations around the world, bonus levels, battles against bosses, and secrets to discover.

Key Features

  • 5 soldiers with different weapons, to perform various tasks, and the ability to unlock the legendary secret soldier
  • Battles with bosses, each one has its own specialty
  • Bonus levels with driving vehicles
  • Monochrome pixel graphics, stylized for classic platform games

Check out the Gunpowder on the Teeth: Arcade Switch Trailer:


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