Bear With Me: The Complete Collection Available Now On Nintendo Switch

Publisher Modus Games and developer Exordium Games have announced that Bear With Me: The Complete Collection is available now on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop for $14.99 / €14.99.

Bear With Me: The Complete Collection includes episode 1-3 as well as the prequel Bear With Me: The Lost Robots which is also available as a separate download for $4.99 / €4.99.

About Episodes 1-3

Bear With Me’s central instalments see leading detectives Amber and Ted E. Bear exchanging sharp banter while searching for clues, solving environmental puzzles, and cross-examining potential suspects in their investigation into Flint’s vanishing. The aspiring duo face more than just a mystery and witty comebacks, however; rumours swirl about a mysterious ‘man in red’ responsible for an outbreak of recent fires, and Amber will face surreal, grim dangers during her brave attempt to reunite with Flint.

About Bear With Me: The Lost Robots

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots links players with a young boy named Flint and Ted E. Bear, a stuffed toy brought to life as a grizzled detective through the magic of a child’s imagination. The duo’s journey advances via classically-inspired adventure gameplay, with players exploring noir-themed locales, solving puzzles, and analysing a metropolis’ lively citizens for clues during the events leading to Flint’s sudden disappearance.

Check out the Bear With Me Launch Trailer:


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