The Church in the Darkness Available Now For Nintendo Switch

Fellow Traveller and Paranoid Productions have announced that The Church in the Darkness is available now for Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop with a 20% discount for one week.

The Church in the Darkness is available as a Standard Edition for $19.95 and the True Believer Special Edition for $29.95 which includes the Official Soundtrack and a set of special behind-the-scenes videos about the making of the game.

About the game

Players are challenged to step into the shoes of ex-cop Vic as they infiltrate the South American compound of Freedom Town in a search of their nephew. Run by Rebecca and Isaac Walker, it’s up to the player to unearth their motivations, their plans, with the cult experience changing with every playthrough. Is the commune simply idealists looking to live in a socialist utopia, or is there something more sinister at hand?

It’s up to the player to sneak into the compound undetected, uncover the truth by finding and chatting with cult members, search cabins to unearth literature about the group, and finally locate Alex, the nephew.

The Church in the Darkness highlights the mystery surrounding cults, and how they are not always what they seem. There are multiple endings for each scenario and what ending you get will be influenced by the player’s stealthy or aggressive gameplay.

Check out The Church in the Darkness Launch Trailer:


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