Skater XL Announced For Nintendo Switch

Easy Day Studios today announced that Skater XL will be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020.

About the game

Skater XL is the final evolution in skateboarding video games that brings the fun, creativity and culture of skateboarding to the digital world.

Created by a team of passionate skateboarders, Skater XL is the most authentic and true to life skateboarding game that has ever been created.

Unlike any skating game before it, Skater XL’s unique controls allow players to add style and expression to their tricks without the limits of pre-made animations. Players are in full control of the tricks they do, and how they do them. Your tricks. Your style.


  • Gameplay with infinite possibilities and 100s of hours of replay-ability
  • Large urban maps based on Californian environments, skate spots and skate parks
  • Customizable character with gear and skateboards from over 20 real brands
  • Instant replay editor

Check out the Skater XL Switch Announcement Trailer:


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