Youropa Coming to Nintendo Switch This Winter

Developer frecle announced today that the puzzle platformer Youropa is coming to Nintendo Switch this Winter.

About the game

You are a short, but capable and agile individual. By some evolutionary quirk, you have suction cups in place of feet. While that might seem like a handicap, it is really your biggest strength, as it enables you to traverse places off limits for a mere human. You can walk up walls and on ceilings, but the pull of gravity is always present, so be careful!

One day, you wake up and all your friends are gone. The Onesiders have taken over your beautiful city. You will have to use all your skills to find your way through numerous puzzles and challenges, and to take back your city.

Youropa is a puzzle platform game with a strong emphasis on exploration and experimentation. Your special wall climbing abilities enables you to conquer environmental challenges in creative ways.

You have extremely short legs and cannot jump straight onto a wall. You will need a curved surface to change between floor, wall and ceiling. You will be searching the environment for these special blocks to get around the level. You aren’t gravity defying which means that if you jump while walking on walls or on ceilings you will fall. You can use this to get to new places and conquer obstacles.

Check out the Youropa Trailer:


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