Street Outlaws: The List Coming To Nintendo Switch On October 22

GameMill Entertainment announced today that Street Outlaws: The List will launch for Nintendo Switch on October 22, 2019.

Street Outlaws: The List is a lifestyle racing and tuning video game based on the high-speed cars and attitude of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws, one of cable television’s most highly rated unscripted series.

About the game

Street Outlaws: The List takes you inside the winner-take-all world of American street racing. Drag Racing, Challenges, Tuning, and Quick Play modes provide variety in competing for speed, and hundreds of customizable car parts let you drive unique vehicles. Contend with friends on local multiplayer split-screen mode and with other players through online leaderboards in Street Outlaws: The List.


  • Build, customize, race, and earn your way on to The List
  • Drive popular cars from the TV show
  • Hundreds of customizable car parts
  • Four modes – Drag Racing, Challenges, Tuning, and Quick Play
  • Official Street Outlaws licensed game
  • Online leaderboards for bragging rights
  • Split-screen local multiplayer

Check out the Street Outlaws: The List Screenshots:

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