News Coverage & Website Updates Paused At The Moment, Videos On YouTube Back

Since August 22, news coverage, website updates and YouTube videos had to be paused at Handheld Players due to personal health issues. After being in the hospital and at rehab for a few weeks, I am feeling better now but I’m still not able to continue like before.

Due to that, news coverage and website updates won’t be available for further time until I’m either feeling well enough or I found some people who would be willing in helping me out with this. Anyone who loves to bring the latest Handheld Players news for Switch and PS Vita can write me an email at It would be an advantage if you’ve have already worked with the blog software WordPress before, but it’s no must as it’s relatively easy to learn. Please note that this would be an unpaid job.

Gameplay videos on YouTube are back since September 30 but not with the recent frequency yet. I’m concentrating on the important new releases for Switch and PS Vita. If a game is coming to both Switch and PS Vita, I can not guarantee that there will be a video for each version as I still have to take it easy.

There will also be some posts on Twitter and Facebook with the latest gaming offers from Playasia every now and then. While there is no news coverage, this is will help me in maintaining my Affiliate partnership with Playasia.

So that’s it for now. I hope everything will be back to normal soon, I will keep you updated.


Michael from Handheld Players

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