Horizon Chase Turbo PS Vita Review Impressions + Gameplay

Release date: June 18, 2021. Price: $39.99.

Thanks to Eastasiasoft and Qubyte Interactive, one of the best racing games made its way to the PS Vita. Developed by Aquiris, Horizon Chase Turbo is inspired by 80s and 90s classics such as Lotus Turbo Espirit Challenge and Out Run.

Horizon Chase Turbo runs mostly at 30 fps on the PS Vita, with occasional frame rate drops. Also, when messages pop up, the game freezes for a moment. But thankfully, there’s an option to turn messages off and I recommend to do so for the best racing experience.

The graphics look just as colorful as in the other console versions and the great soundtrack by Barry Leitch gives the perfect vibes for this fast racing game.

Loading times are quite long in the PS Vita version. From selecting a location or a car it can take up to 30 seconds until the next screen appears. So you need a bit more patient here. But hey, we have Horizon Chase Turbo on the PS Vita!

On a side note, there won’t be a digital release for the PS Vita. So only the lucky ones who got a physical copy can play this great racing game on the PS Vita.



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