LEGO Builder’s Journey Nintendo Switch Review Impressions + Gameplay

Release date: June 22, 2021. Price: $19.99. Game file size: 1.0 GB.

LEGO Builder’s Journey is an adorable and relaxing puzzle game with LEGO bricks. The game tells a poetic story and the puzzles are not too complicated. Graphics and performance are good in both docked and handheld mode.

Turning a brick is done by pressing the A button and placing a brick by pressing the A button longer. I wish there would be the option to change the controls to use L and R for turning a brick which would be more intuitive.

The camera is also a bit limited, you can only turn it around by 90 degree, a full turn around is not possible. Sometimes I had problems to position a brick on the right place.

The soundtrack is very relaxing and fits to the game. Despite its control flaws, Builder’s Journey is an enjoyable puzzle game for everyone.



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