WitchCrafty PS Vita Gameplay

Release date: July 20, 2021. Game file size: 276 MB. Publisher: Sometimes You.

WitchCrafty is a metroidvania-platformer that immerses you in a world of magic. Something strange is happening in the Kingdom – the forests are filled with predatory plants, their peace-loving peoples have taken up arms against each other, and goblins were noticed in the deep mines. The little witch has to start her journey in search of truth and answers. Who is behind all these events? Should you trust strangers along the way? Who stole the Witch’s mail? Or maybe all this is not at all what it seems?


  • Dynamic action gameplay: combo attacks, dodge, dash and magic – use everything that is available to you to win. Incinerate enemies with fire, pierce with lightning, or chill their ardor with ice magic. Even your wand is not just a magic accessory, but a melee weapon that will save you at a critical moment.
  • Exploration of the world: magical forests, dark caves, icy mountains and abandoned castles – they are all full of secrets and treasures … and dangers. You never know what awaits you around the corner – an old tome containing a new spell or a goblin ambush?
  • It’s still metroidvania. Each new element that you master opens up new opportunities and paths. Deep water ceases to be dangerous in front of ice magic, and mysterious mechanisms begin to obey electricity.
  • Adorable pixel art graphics: pixels have never been so cute!
  • Everything you expect from a fairy game, but with a touch of realism. A little witch with an unhealthy craving for explosions. Magic kleptomaniac cat . Sentient mushrooms trying to kick you.



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