TxK PS Vita Gameplay | PS Vita Classic

Release date: February 11, 2014. Price: $9.99 / 9.99€. Game file size: 102 MB. Publisher: Llamasoft.

Glowing vectors, explosive particle effects and a pulse-pounding soundtrack are core elements of many modern arcade shooters – a style that Llamasoft defined with its seminal 90s tube shooter.

TxK is the spiritual successor to that genre-defining work and brings you 100 levels of engrossing score-chasing gameplay married to an outstanding soundtrack that will have your head nodding as you blast your way onto the scoreboards.

Three gameplay modes and our acclaimed Restart Best level select mode combine to bring you blissful shooting satisfaction whether you are looking to zone away an hour or two or simply dip in for five minutes to bump up a level’s score.



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