Slot Shots Pinball Ultimate Edition Steam Deck Gameplay

Release date: February 6, 2024. Price: $19.99 / 19.99€. File size: 15.04 GB. Publisher: Pinblend Studios. Developer: Pinblend Studios.

No subscriptions, no monthly fees, and no tickets required to play! Thirteen pinball tables for just one price!

Get ready for the next edition of Slot Shots Pinball featuring five brand new tables along with all of the original tables released in 2022. It is Steam Deck compatible and it runs at a very smooth 60 FPS. Each of our new tables feature beautiful 3d background environments, new camera angles, wider and more detailed playfields, better looking LEDs, better graphical assets and special effects, more complex missions, online leaderboards to compete on, full controller support, sixty achievements, mouse / keyboard support, and finally every new table has a twenty+ minute soundtrack to listen to while you play.

Each table has the classic three ball mode, lots of missions, and multiball waiting to be activated. For those of you that own the 2022 edition of Slot Shots Pinball Collection we will be offering a discount when purchasing this title.

Major Update 1/24/24 – A new DMD system has been updated into the title (shown in all of the screen shots). Each table has it’s own DMD theme!

*New* table line up:

  1. Dracula’s Pawn – A vampire themed castle playfield, featuring a very gothic soundtrack and a very vocal Dracula. The playfield has multiple flippers, fun missions, and a castle waiting to be explored!
  2. Neon Nights Ultra – A futuristic table with a neon city background, a pulse pounding soundtrack, and some of the best pinball shots we can throw down on a playfield. This one is pure fun at it’s finest.
  3. Ocean Breeze – Bad day at work? Family and friends got you down? Come relax at our Ocean Breeze pinball paradise, just don’t feed the shark!
  4. Mystic Ballistic – A jungle themed table with some pretty vocal shot awards. This playfield has a few secret areas that reward you with slot shot spins and access to the lower spinning playfield.
  5. Tomb Keeper Manor – A completely new version of Tomb Keeper Mansion, including all new missions, an extended 23 minute soundtrack featuring 10+ minutes of new music, all new LEDs, all new decorations, new sound effects, various graphical art and special effect improvements- this is a completely new table that kept the house intact!
    **Also included are the following seven tables found in the original Slot Shots Pinball (plus one extra).
  6. Dream World – A bright, colorful, rainbow and candy filled table with three flippers.
  7. The Kraken’s Cove – A dark pirate themed table with a giant kraken in the center!
  8. Super Vixel Land – A retro themed pixel/voxel super wide table.
  9. Slot Shots Casino – A fantasy themed casino with a spinning lucky wheel in the back.
  10. Bass Hunter – A fishing themed table with a playfield on top of an aquarium!
  11. Neon Nights 2 Skylines – A dark neon playfield with a pulse pounding synth soundtrack.
  12. Outergalactic Aliens – A remake of last year’s table with all new LEDs.
  13. Neon Nights Original – It all started with this table, welcome to the original neon nights!



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