Tomb Raider: Anniversary PS Vita Gameplay | PSP Classic

Release date: June 1, 2007. Price: $9.99€. File size: 1097 MB. Publisher: Eidos Interactive. Developer: Crystal Dynamics.

The adventure begins when Lara is tasked with recovering a mythical artifact called Scion. As she explores ancient tombs and isolated worlds that no man has entered for thousands of years, Lara realizes that she is not alone. Alongside the creatures guarding the tombs, there are some dark figures breathing down her neck who are also trying to unravel the mystery of the Scion.

  • Epic exploration – Explore the lost city of Atlantis and the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Explore dark corners and brave dizzying heights.
  • Acrobatic Firefights – Skillfully dodge charging enemies as you unleash a hail of bullets with your two pistols.
  • Thrilling enemy encounters – Fight against dangerous enemies such as the giant T-Rex.
  • A dangerous adventure playground – Jump over huge chasms, climb gigantic rocks and swim through underground tunnels.



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