The World End Eclipse Gets New Teaser Trailer

Sega has released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming free-to-play online action role-playing game The World End Eclipse for PS Vita, iOS, Android and PC.

The World End Eclipse is set in a devastated world that was battled by a giant dragon. The survivors were forced to build a new city in the remains where Captain Stella and her group of Corps have to defend the city from ghouls, demons and other humans.

Producer of the action RPG is Shinji Motoyama (Valkyria Chronicles), Daisuke Tianlin is the art director, Enami Katsumi (Ys) is responsible for the character design and Hitoshi Sakimoto for the music production.

The World End Eclipse will be released in Japan for iOS and Android in October and for PC this fall. The release date for the PS Vita version is not available yet. A western release of the game has not been announced yet.

Check out the new The World End Eclipse Teaser Trailer:


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