First Look At World Trigger: Borderless Mission On The PS Vita

On September 17, 2015, Bandai Namco will release its PS Vita co-op action title World Trigger: Borderless Mission in Japan. We have downloaded the demo version from the Japanese PlayStation Store and took a first look at the game.

World Trigger: Borderless Mission is based on the anime series World Trigger and takes place in Mikado City where you will fight against the Neighbors (Trion Soldiers), extraterrestrial monster worms, giant bugs and monster flies. The action game features a single player story mody with 80 missions and a multiplayer mode where you can play with up to eight people.

World Trigger: Borderless Mission includes 23 playable characters from the anime series that can be customized with over 90 different Triggers which you will acquire when a mission has been completed and also by competing in ranked matches.

In the demo version, the first four missions of the single player story mode are available and one extra mission in team co-op mode where you can switch between the characters. The first missions are more like a training mode to get familiar with the gameplay.

The story is told like in a visual novel where you read the text with animations of the characters from the anime series. As the game is in Japanese we didn’t understand a word but that was not necessary to play the game.

After finishing the demo we already can say that Bandai Namco has a potential hit with World Trigger: Borderless Mission as the action title seems very addictive and features some intuitive gameplay. We only can imagine how much fun it will be playing in multiplayer mode together with other people.

World Trigger: Borderless Mission will be released for PS Vita in Japan on September 17, 2015. A western release has not been announced yet but we really hope that Bandai Namco will localize the game.

Check out our World Trigger: Borderless Mission Gameplay Video:

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