Trillion: God of Destruction Coming To North America And Europe In Spring 2016

Idea Factory International has announced that it will bring Compile Heart’s strategy RPG Trillion: God of Destruction to the PS Vita in North America and Europe in spring 2016 physically and digitally.

Trillion: God of Destruction was released in Japan on July 23, 2015 as Makai Shin Trillion and tells the story of Zeabolos who gained the power of the Soul Grimoire and decided to fight against the demon god Trillion.

Key Features of the strategy RPG are:

  • A TRILLION HP! This big bad boss has 1,000,000,000,000 HP! How you defeat him is up to your individual strategy and training!
  • 6 Deadly Sins to Love! In between battles, you’ll get some quality alone time with each of your six Overlord Candidates leading your army. Can you have a love story even in war?
  • Prepare for Battle! While Trillion sleeps, it’s training time! Hit the training grounds and discover randomly-generated treasure chests or strengthen weapons at the Blacksmith’s!
  • Replay, Replay, Replay! Stats carry over with each New Game+ plus and there are multiple endings to unlock! With over 10 endings, there’s even more reason to stand up and keep fighting!

Trillion: God of Destruction will include Japanese and English voiceover options, English subtitles, and will support PlayStation TV.

Check out the Trillion: God of Destruction Screenshots:

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