AeternoBlade II Announced For PS Vita

Thailand-based developer Corecell Technology has announced AeternoBlade II for the PS Vita, a sequel to the side-scrolling action-platformer AeternoBlade.

AeternoBlade II will feature a new time manipulation mechanic and also more action elements like map exploration, solving time puzzles, and collecting relics.

One of the game’s main character is Freyja, a proud mage warrior from the village of Ridgeroad who once more has to pick up the AeternoBlade in response to a universal time effect. Bernard is a young knight who is specialized in heavy weaponry, although not very talkative, he has a kind heart.

AeternoBlade II will be released for the PS Vita in the second quarter of 2016 digitally via the PlayStation Network.

Via: Gematsu

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