How To Share Screenshots Of Your PS Vita Games On Twitter With #PSVitaShare

On the PS4 it’s very easy to share screenshots of your played games. Unfortunately, the PS Vita does not have a built-in share feature like the PS4. But this can also be done with the available LiveTweet Twitter App and the PS Vita’s screenshot feature.

Here we explain in three steps how to share screenshots of your PS Vita games on Twitter using the hashtag #PSVitaShare.

01. Download the Free LiveTweet Twitter App

Download the free LiveTweet Twitter App from the PlayStation Store (only availabe on the PS Vita) and install it on your PS Vita. Login with your Twitter account, if you don’t have an account yet, you can register one for free.

LiveTweet Twitter App

02. Play your PS Vita Game and make a Screenshot

Start playing your game and whenever you like, make a screenshot with pressing the PlayStation button together with the Start button. A sound will be played and the screenshot will be saved within a few seconds.

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03. Share the Screenshot on Twitter

Press the PlayStation button to leave the game and open the LiveTweet App. Start a new tweet and enter a short description (like the game title, etc), add the hashtag #PSVitaShare and select your previously saved screenshot via the attach icon. Send the tweet by pressing the “Tweet” button. Done.

Share The PS Vita Screenshots On Twitter

The LiveTweet App only supports one screenshots per tweet. If you want to share another screenshot, just repeat this step.

Keep in mind that some newly released games don’t support switching apps while you’re playing. In that case, just grab the screenshot(s) and share them on Twitter after you have finished playing the game.

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