Action RPG Fallen Legion Coming To The PS Vita

Kinda Funny Games has revealed that YummyYummyTummy will bring its action RPG Fallen Legion, previously announced for the PS4 only, also to the PS Vita.

Fallen Legion is an action RPG featuring hand-drawn 2D artwork and an intense battle system where skill is more imprtant than grinding for experience points. Enter the dark fantasy world of Fenumia and join Princess Cecille on a twisted tale to save her crumbling kingdom from foes within and without.

For ages, Fenumia has ruled the continent and now the crown is now in your hands. Among the departed king’s artifacts is a sentient book with timeless knowledge and the power to breathe life into weapons.

Guided by the enigmatic grimoire, the unwavering Princess Cecille journeys on a personal quest to restore her kingdom’s glory, but as she explores beyond her castle’s border— nothing is as it seems. How far will you go to save your home?

In Fallen Legion you control four characters simultaneously and have to master devastating combo attacks in furious real-time battles. While ascending to the throne and clashing with the rebel armies, you mast make split second decisions on how to rule your kingdom. Will you side with the mercenary Prime Legion, palatine Council of Princes or cabalistic March Congress?

Fallen Legion will be released for the PS Vita and PS4 in summer 2016.

Check out the Fallen Legion Screenshots:

Check out the Fallen Legion Trailer:


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