Green Game: TimeSwapper Coming To The PS Vita On April 4, 2016

iFun4All has announced that the 2D arcade game Green Game: TimeSwapper is coming to the PS Vita on April 4, 2016. It will also be released for iOS, Apple TV, PC, Mac and Linux on the same day.

Green Game: TimeSwapper is the sequel to Red Game without a Great Name, once again set in steampunk world where you will be the master of time. Use this power to manipulate the time by changing it to past, present or future to help the mechanical bird on fulfilling its extremely important mission.

As the bird is moving steadily and impossible to stop, you have to avoid upcoming traps and use steam generators to change the direction of its movement.


  • 50 levels full of danger
  • Influence the environment by manipulating the time
  • Power-ups like immortality and slow flight
  • 150 collectable gears
  • Soul & Jazz Soundtrack
  • Green dominated graphic style

Check out the Green Game: TimeSwapper PS Vita Screenshots:

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