I Am Setsuna PS Vita Version Still Might Be Coming West If There’s Enough Fan Demand

Two days ago, Square Enix has announced that I Am Setsuna is not coming to the PS Vita in the west and that the title is slated for digital release this summer only on PS4 and Steam.

Yesterday, I Am Setsuna director Atsushi Hashimoto has revealed in an interview with US Gamer that there is still a chance that the PS Vita version of I Am Setsuna is coming to the west:

Of course, there is a large Vita market in Japan. If there is a swell of demand in North America [for the Vita version], though, we will consider it.

So now you know what you have to do: Send tweets to Square Enix on Twitter or leave them a message on their Facebook page that you want I Am Setsuna for the PS Vita in the west.

Via: US Gamer

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