Laser Disco Defenders Announced For The PS Vita

Indie Studio Out Of Bounds Games has announced via the PlayStation blog that Laser Disco Defenders is coming to the PS Vita.

Laser Disco Defenders is a groovy procedural twin-stick shooter inspired by the science fiction and music of the late ’70s. On a stage, in a galaxy far far away, the Intergalactic music contest is in full swing to decide who will win the mighty Mirror Moon. Whoever holds it can project their music across the galaxy and affect billions so a lot is at stake.

Unfortunately the evil Lord Monotone has stolen it and is using it to wreak havoc on countless unsuspecting civilizations across the cosmos. Your task is to help the Disco Defenders fight their way to Monotone and get the Mirror Moon out of the grasp of his cold steel hands.

In Laser Disco Defenders, every shot fired bounces around the level indefinitely and also can hurt you. At the beginning it’s still easy but as you progress it can become quite challenging to avoid your own shots while dodging your way towards the portal to get to the next level.

The game will feature both an endless score based mode and a story mode where you have to survive a certain amount of caves before you can take back the Mirror Moon from Lord Monotone. You can also choose what accessory, outfit and shoes to wear into the game. Each item changes how you play and even looks different for each character.

Check out the Laser Disco Defenders Screenshots:

Check out the Laser Disco Defenders – Announcement Trailer:


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