Review: Type:Rider – PS Vita (8/10)

Educational games have been around since I went to Parkwood Elementary and I remember this game with a kid and robot and you would go through time periods but be in a museum and try to fix the past. The PS Vita finally got one of these types of games which was a mobile title called Type:Rider and with buttons, this game is really just so much better. Who thought that a game about fonts and history could be fun?

Type:Rider features 8 books with 4 levels each as well as a bonus level which gets available when you have finished all 8 books. There is also a speedrun version which includes online leaderboards with the best times of all players.  The music is well done and yes the game is easy but it’s meant to be that way.

What really stands out is the unique level design. Each book is dedicated to one font (Gothic, Garamond, Didot, Clarendon, Futura, Times, Helvetica, Pixel) and its levels are designed with letters from the book’s font. The graphics are really well done and the later levels show even more traps and small minor puzzles and other elements thrown in. There are some lags during some of the levels but it’s not disturbing the gameplay.

The asterisk icons are what you want to collect as this is how you will get information on people or styles. The game gives you lots of information about the history of fonts, printing and even desktop publishing. You also collect letters which are spread around the levels that go into the overall world as you play.

Loading times are quick, only at the beginning it takes some time until the game starts. Type:Rider can be played in short burst and although the game is short it’s very entertaining in the end.


I loved Type:Rider on mobile and love it even more on the PS Vita. If you like the style of the game, you should get this. The graphic style is clean and neat and the game features a unique level design. Altough Type:Rider is short it’s very entertaining.

The review was written and provided by Chris. All screenshots are taken from the PS Vita version.

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