Castle Invasion: Throne Out Coming To PS Vita & PS4 Next Week

Cat Trap Studios has revealed to us that Castle Invasion: Throne Out will be released for the PS Vita and PS4 in North America and Europe on October 11, 2016 digitally via the PlayStation Network featuring Cross-Buy support.

Castle Invasion: Throne Out is an action packed and frantic game of defending your castle against the army of a conquesting king. Upgrade, equip and fire your way through an onslaught of attackers with the very latest in medieval gadgetry. With over 40 upgrades to buy you’ll get faster, shoot further and hit harder.

Fight the darkness with fire to keep torches lit and out of the dark ages. Stand toe to toe with the biggest, meanest enemies the king has at his disposal in epic boss fights: dragons, trolls, trebuchets and many more.


  • 50 frantic, action packed levels.
  • 5 deadly bosses.
  • Use coins dropped by enemies to buy over 40 weapon upgrades.
  • Wizards, jesters, knights, dwarves, executioners and more in an army of medieval misfits.
  • Full to bursting with awful, awful puns.

Check out the Castle Invasion: Throne Out Screenshots:

Check out the Castle Invasion: Throne Out – Launch Trailer


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