Touhou Koubuto V For PS Vita & PS4 Gets Its First Trailer

Developer Cubetype has released the first trailer for Touhou Koubuto V for PS Vita and PS4.

Touhou Koubuto V is a 3D fighting action game where players battle against each other in 3D spaces using barrages of bullets and melee attacks to win. Besides the versatile controls based on button combinations, you can use linked attacks through “Cancels” for more variety.

Touhou Koubuto V features various game modes. In the single-player “Scenario Mode”, you pursue an accident that happened in Gensokyo. Different scenarios are available for each character, including illustrations and background music. Both the “Arcade Mode” and the “Score Attack Mode” support PlayStation Network rankings.

The PS Vita version supports ad-hoc battles while the PS4 version features split-screen offline battles and two types of online battles. The game includes also a training mode.

Touhou Koubuto V will be released for the PS Vita and PS4 in Japan on November 2, 2016 digitally via the PlayStation Store. Each version will be available for 3,000 yen and includes a free PS Vita or PS4 theme.

Check out the Touhou Koubuto V Screenshots:

Check out the Touhou Koubuto V Trailer:


Via: Gematsu

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