Battalion Commander Coming To PS Vita & PS4 In Late November 2016

SPL has announced that Battalion Commander is coming to the PS Vita and PS4 in late November 2016.

Developed by IriySoft, Battalion Commander is a fun military arcade game where you can play not with only one character, but with a whole squad. Multiple achievements and upgrades make it even more interesting.

To defend your Motherland, you have to break through the bullets and bombs knee-deep in snow, confronted with even tougher and more desperate resistance of the enemy. You have to avoid ambushes and hidden flame throwers, hiding from the eyes of enemy snipers and undermine the tanks blocking your path. Snipers and flamethrower operators, grenade throwers and common soldiers will go with you into battle shoulder to shoulder.

Between raids to the enemy you can relax in the Tactics Room, where you can spend the trophy savings on equipment for yourself and your people: treat your soldiers with new rifles and yourself with a six barreled machine gun. Here you will receive new ranks for exploits on the battlefield, giving you access to even more destructive weapons and improved equipment.

In addition, in Tactics Room you will be given the mission task for the next raid, the implementation of which will be richly rewarded. Besides the experience and money, you’ll have a chance to get new opportunities to radically change the balance of the battle: for example, get a jeep at the beginning of a fight, or the ability to activate the energy shield.

But don’t think you can easily obtain it, since each mission is a real challenge even for a skilled warrior. Are you sure you can win against 10 enemies armed to the teeth hand to hand without raising the alarm or hold for 3 minutes without the support of loyal squad? If you are up to the task – great rewards awaits you.


  • Opportunity to build your military career, advancing from private to colonel; and open 19 upgrades for your team
  • 2 game modes (Campaign, Endless)
  • 8 types of weapons and 4 unique active skills
  • 16 perks, each of which can significantly affect your battle tactics
  • More than 16 types of enemies that won’t give you catch them off guard so easy
  • A boss battle to remember in Campaign mode
  • Opportunity to put your own record among the other players in Endless mode
  • 4 kinds of military specialists who will support you in battle
  • 48 disturbing missions

Check out the Battalion Commander Screenshots:

Check out the Battalion Commander Trailer:


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