Review: World of Final Fantasy – PS Vita (9/10)

With World of Final Fantasy, Square Enix hits out yet another PS Vita title and it is huge with content and even nods to other Final Fantasy games in the series. DLC is slowly coming like Sora from Kingdom Hearts and hopefully there will be more in the future. The game has the “Oh my god” moments and just meh as well but I am mad that there is no champion from Final Fantasy 9.

The story starts off as the two characters named Lann and Reynn are mirage keepers but have forgotten that when they awoke in a new world. That’s why they go back to Grymoire to retake their memories and mirages which is the the start of a 40 hour journey. With help from Tama and Serfie, you will uncover what happened and will meet a lot of Final Fantasy characters and revisit places famous from Final Fantasy games.

Let’s talk about how gameplay works. You have mirages, the sizes go from Small or S, M or Medium, Large or L and XL. I will go ahead and say XL mirages work like summons from Final Fantasy 10 did. I never really used them unless I just wanted to see the intros and special moves. When in Lillkin form (chibbi), the twins are in a Medium form so you can have S and L mirages. When in Jiant form (regular size) you are in Large so only M and S mirages can be used.

You can stack and unstack mirages to your liking and sometimes helps like when wobbling and about to be knocked down or when you want an advantage with a fight. Each move besides attack cost AP or action points and when your turn comes you gain a bit. Now comes the Pokemon part: capturing mirages. Each new mirage automatically gets you their prism to capture them with, though machine monsters use something different, but still works the same. Some are easy to capture while others require skill or luck.

Champions are the limit breaks so to speak that require one to two stars to use and gaining stars is doing damage. Getting hit and winning battles is a very grindy process but could be worth it since the champions also bestow status like strength up or other useful ones. Why Vivi is not a champion is beyond me but you do get a good bit – even Tidus but hey some liked Final Fantasy 10.

You also have intervention battles which are sidequests that shed more story and unlock new mirages and give items. Both the battles and unlocking champions cost Arma Gems and you get those during special fights as far as I seen so far. You do have a lot of side quests and the colloseum is where most are besides the intervention battles.

The graphics on the PS Vita look great though there are a few scenes that look straight out of PS4. Music is just as good with a few remixes here and there but a neat thing is some mirages have joyride and when riding on one, the music does change but no riding in town. Voice acting is good but Tama saying every time will get annoying and Lann saying honk as well.


World of Final Fantasy is a must-buy for RPG and Final Fantasy fans with its huge content and its many hours of gameplay. Overall, there are dungeons galore where you will meet many known Final Fantasy characters and revisit famous Final Fantasy places.

The review was written and provided by Chris. All screenshots are from the PS Vita version.

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