PS Vita Exclusive Death Mark Gets New Screenshots Introducing Characters And More

Experience has released the first screenshots and details for the recently announced PS Vita exclusive horror adventure game Death Mark (Shiin).

Death Mark is set in the Tokyo metropolitan area’s H city where a rumor began to spread that those with a mark engraved on the body will die. A suspicious death became an urband legend which led to various speculations that it was the result of encountering a ghost or being affected by a curse. Having lost all his memory, the protagonist stands in front of a western-style house which is said to protect those with a mark.

When the doors opens, you are greeted by the lord of the mansion, a beautiful doll. “Welcome to Kujou Mansion. You will die if you stay like this. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to be saved.” But the countdown do death had already begun.

The mysterious mark means the countown to an engraved death in exchange for memory. With the help of the beautiful doll Merii, the protagonist has to explore so called “Spirit Spots” together with other marked persons to seek a way out to survive the curse.

With your chosen partners and separated into pairs, you explore and investigate the mansion to find a solution to stop the countdown to death. At Spirit Spots, a strange phenomenon happens as if a force wants to refuse the entry of someone living. Only equipped with your flashlight, you explore the house, always in danger of many dangers and threats.

At the Spirit Spots, you may encounter horrifying monsters and as your actions may lure them, you always must be cautious during exploration. When you encounter a monster, this means “death”. Depending on your “choices”, your fate will be determined.

Death Mark will be released for the PS Vita in Japan in summer 2017.

Check out the Death Mark Characters:

Check out the Death Mark Screenshots:

Via: Gematsu

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