PS Vita New Releases February 2017

We take a look at the upcoming PS Vita new releases in February 2017.

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers

North America: January 31, 2017 (PSN), Europe: February 1, 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Strategy RPGPublisher: Koei Tecmo

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers PS Vita PS4

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers unfolds during the chaotic end days of the Han dynasty, when ancient China was overwhelmed by uprisings and internal strife within its imperial court. The story follows renowned warrior Zhao Yun and his close friend Lei Bin, who unwittingly liberate a young girl, Lixia, from a mystical prison. The two friends and the mysterious Lixia then find themselves entangled in a pivotal struggle for the salvation of the world, wherein they must navigate the maelstrom that is Three Kingdoms era China, meet countless great warriors and take part in historic battles.

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Uncanny Valley

North America: February 7, 2017 (PSN), Europe: February 8, 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Publisher:

Uncanny Valley PS Vita PS4

Uncanny Valley is an unsettling story-driven 2D survival horror game where nothing is as it seems. Explore an isolated facility and solve its many mysteries, but be warned: the choices you make have meaningful consequences that will determine your fate. Play through multiple times to reveal all of Uncanny Valley’s darkest secrets.

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Vertical Drop Heroes HD

North America: February 14, 2017 (PSN), Europe: February 15, 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Publisher:

Vertical Drop Heroes HD

Vertical Drop Heroes HD is a procedural platformer RPG hybrid with roguelike elements, where your hero adventures through randomly generated stages. Armed with a variety of skills and traits, you must use your cunning and reflexes to survive the dangers of each stage, until you face the final boss and uncover the truth behind the game.

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Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

North America: February 21, 2017 (PSN), Europe: February 24, 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Action GamePublisher:

Berserk Musou PS Vita PS3 PS4

Developed by Omega Force based on the iconic manga and anime series Berserk, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk follows the compelling tale of the famed mercenary group The Band of the Hawk, focusing on its diverse cast of characters and their struggles as they fight to achieve their dream of owning a kingdom.

Berserk fans and newcomers alike will experience the series’ popular Golden Age story arc, which depicts the meeting between the leader of The Band of the Hawk, Griffith, and the legendary Black Swordsman, Guts, through to the gripping Falcon of the Millennium Empire arc, in which players will experience the group’s most brutal and devastating battles against humans and demons alike.

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Ys Origin (DELAYED)

North America: May 30, 2017 (PSN), Europe: May 30, 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Publisher:

Ys Origin PS Vita PS4

Following a devastating demonic invasion, the twin Goddesses use their magic to bring the inhabitants of legendary Ys safely into the sky. While the demons work to construct Devil’s Tower and reach the humans’ new abode, the Goddesses disappear. As a mighty warrior or a cunning mage, you must seek the Goddesses in Devil’s Tower. With your swordsmanship and spells, can you banish evil from the land of your ancestors? With its captivating story, stirring soundtrack, and epic boss battles, Ys Origin remains one of the best action-RPGs of all time!

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North America: February 23, 2017 (PSN), Europe: February 23, 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Publisher:

Forma.8 PS Vita PS4

Forma.8 is a unique take on the proven Metroidvania action-adventure formula, with a striking visual style and a huge world to explore. As the small exploration probe Forma.8 you’re stranded alone on the surface of an alien planet. Separated from your companions by accident you have a life or death mission to accomplish: find and recover a lost, powerful energy source before it’s too late. Ancient civilisations, great perils and dystopian visions await you. And not everything is what it seems.

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Super Robot Wars V (English)

Asia: February 23, 2017 (Retail, PSN)
Genre: Strategy RPGPublisher:

Super Robot Wars V PS Vita PS4

Super Robot Wars V is the second 25th anniversary title of the game franchise and features series such as The Brave Express Might Gaine and Space Battleship Yamato 2199. Players can choose from several main characters to play as, such as Soji Murakumo (male) and Chitose Kisaragi (female). Or, they can use the default settings and play as one of the game’s sub-characters. Whichever character a player uses, they will begin the game with the VangRay, a prototype anti-alien mobile weapon developed by the 3rd Special Tactical Lab. This unit was built to provide the best in mobility, armaments, and firepower, despite being constructed in haste using parts and materials from existing units.

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Stranger of Sword City Revisited

North America: February 28, 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Publisher:

Stranger of Sword City Revisited PS Vita

Stranger of Sword City Revisited uses the previously released by NIS America PS Vita version of Stranger of Sword City as the base of the game. Though, with the additional content of new classes, reworked combat & gameplay system, items and additional dungeon players will be able to enjoy a different experience from the original game!

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All release dates are subject to change and will be updated when new information is available.

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