Forgotten Memories Director’s Cut Cancelled

Psychoz Interactive has announced that Forgotten Memories Director’s Cut for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 has been cancelled.

According to the developer, the main reason for the cancellation was that the base project started as a mobile game and that they thought that the gameplay, scenario and direction would not fit on consoles.

The developer also announced a new Forgotten Memories project but this will not be coming to the PS Vita anymore. On Facebook, Psychoz Interactive told one user that there won’t be any new Vita game from them because it’s “an unsupported dying platform”.

Updated: A new comment from Psychoz Interactive has appeared on Facebook: “Frankly, get the game on iOS. Will look better and will cost way less than if you’ll buy it on Vita.”

We only can say “well done” Psychoz Interactive! After letting us waiting for years, you just cancel the game with flimsy reasons and even insult PS Vita owners at the same time.

If you feel sad or angry about the cancellation and their comments, let Psychoz Interactive know on their Facebook page.

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