The Witch Trials Announced For PS Vita

Luc Bernard and Arcade Distillery have announced that they are working on The Witch Trials for the PS Vita.

Developed by the team behind Plague Road, The Witch Trials is a mixture of turn-based RPG and visual novel with a bit of dating simulation where you play as a hacker to take control of giant government-controlled mechanized robots.

In the game, you can ally with three different Witch factions, each led by a Witch who is looking to either escape a trial or seeking to help the cause more. While you explore the world and hack into mechs, you will date various non-player characters and depending on your chosen faction, you will be heading towards one of the multiple endings.

One of the revealed characters is Lilith, a robot-looking character who was burned in the past with her ultimate goal to take out the people that aused her current condition. Another revealed character is a punk with its name unknown.

The Witch Trials is scheduled to be released for the PS Vita in 2017. A physical release is also planned.

Check out The Witch Trials Characters:

Via: The Vita Lounge

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