First Look At Death Mark On The PS Vita

Experience has released a demo of its upcoming PS Vita exclusive horror adventure game Death Mark (Shiin) on the Japanese PlayStation Store. We have downloaded the demo and take a first look at the game.

The demo begins in the Kujou Mansion where a doll greets and introduces you to the game. After you have selected your partner, you head over to an abandoned school. Here you begin exploring the building to find clues on how to stop the cursed Death Mark.

Gameplay is a mixture of dungeon crawler and visual novel but the dungeon crawler aspect is definitely slower-paced. When you move through the building, each screen takes a few seconds to load which feels a bit odd. With the left stick you can move a flash light and when you notice a small light you can press the examination button to get further information.

Once you encounter a so called “Spirit Spot”, a ghost or monster appears. Here you have to answer multipe questions and depending on your choices, you can proceed with the investigation or you die. After a death, you can restart close to the position where your fate has ended before.

Death Mark is an interesting mixture of dungeon crawler, adventure and visual novel. Especially the sound design is really awesome that creates a frightening experience. But the game definitely lacks in animation, for example when heading to the school with your car, you only see a non-moving street combined with a car sound.

Death Mark will be released for the PS Vita in Japan on June 1, 2017.

Check out the Death Mark PS Vita Gameplay:


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