Cave Story+ Now Available For Nintendo Switch In North America

The platform adventure Cave Story+ is now available for Nintendo Switch in North America as a digital download via the Nintendo eShop and as a physical game card at retail for $29.99 ($39.99 in Canada).

Cave Story+ puts the player in the shoes of a young hero who wakes up in a hidden wonderland of terrible danger and glorious reward. Unaware of his origin, his purpose or even his own name, the traveler soon encounters a race of rabbit-like creatures called Mimiga on the brink of extinction. Nearly every character he meets gives him another clue to piece together the story of the Mimiga’s oppression and the mystery of his own past.

A highly polished, finely tuned platform/shooting/exploration game, Cave Story+ uses the appealing visual aesthetic of classic 16-bit video games to draw players into a world deep with emotional storytelling.

At initial release, physical copies of Cave Story+ for the Switch will feature several fan-pleasing collectible bonus items in the case with the Game Card, including a full-color 32-page instruction manual and a free Cave Story+ Famitracks soundtrack mini-CD.

Check out the Cave Story + Screenshots:

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