First Look At Nurse Love Addiction On The PS Vita

The visual novel Nurse Love Addiction is now available for the PS Vita in North America and Europe. We take a first look at the game.

Nurse Love Addiction tells the story of Asuka Osachi who wants to become a nurse at “Teito Nursing School.” Together with her sister Nao, who has nothing better to do than following her sister’s dream, they start nurse training at the academy.

On the first day, they meet their new teacher Kaede Ohara, whose elder sister, Sumire Ohara, won the Nightingale award, an anually award given to nurses who have disinguished themselves by accomplishing remarkable work. After the explanation of the yearly curriculum, there was still time for the student introductions, as there were no acual classes on the first day.

On their way out, they meet the girls Sakuya and Itsuki, who both behave differently when they see Asuka. While Sakuya acts cool to her, Itsuki shows some obvious interest in Asuka. But she also tells Askua that “nothing is what it seems”, which leaves lots of question marks for Asuka.

Based on the first 70 minutes, Nurse Love Addiction is an entertaining visual novel with lots of romantic but also many hilarious moments, thanks to the funny Asuka. The soundtrack fits the game well and is either romantic or lively, depending what’s going on at the moment.

Check out the Nurse Love Addiction PS Vita Gameplay:


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