It’s Spring Again Coming To PS Vita In North America On July 28, 2017

The PlayStation blog has revealed that It’s Spring Again is coming to PS Vita in North America on July 28, 2017 as a digital download title via the PlayStation Network.

It’s Spring Again is an educational game for children ages two and up that tries to develop associational and logical thinking. By following the hints, children help the seasons change. They learn the order of the seasons and create a melody for each of them with a little help from their parents and the narrator.

It’s Spring Again is based on a successful puppet show for children ages 2 to 5, in which puppets controlled by actors showed children audience the magic of change of seasons. The game enriches the show by allowing children to directly interact with the story.

Check out the It’s Spring Again PS Vita Gameplay/Walkthrough:


Via: PlayStation Blog

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